Trials and Tribulations

Session 4: Debrief and Reassignment

A suspicious mind is a healthy mind.

The Acolytes are debriefed by the Inquisitor about the finding and handling of the Necrons and Logician Cult on Sisk. They need’nt worry about the handling of the situation further. The ship Retribution makes its way to Scintilla, the capital hive world of the Calixis Sector. A body has been reported to the Inquisitor that requires quiet handling and the group is given the details by Medicae-Interrogator Sand. The group was given some tools to help them blend in and were able to find Lili Arbest, the sister of the deceased. This led them to Mr. Zed, a drinking partner of Saul Arbest who was with him the night he disappeared. As darkness fell on the hive, augmented body snatchers attacked the group but were taken out quickly, tho the hive buildings suffered collateral damage in the fire fight. The plan on taking the body of one they knocked out to Interrogator Sand for further review.

The group receives 250xp, which after spending that and all previous would put them at 1000xp (Rank 3) for future reference.



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