Trials and Tribulations

Session 3: The Logician's Gamble

Reason is the cloak of traitors.

The Acolytes were able to report their findings on reaching the top of the mountain to Cyrus before venturing into the caves. They stumbled upon the bodies of workers and Logicians in what seemed to be purposefully crafted chamber, sealed by alien looking doors with complex locks. A wounded Logician explained with his dying breath that they dug too greedily and too deep. They must destroy the caves so that Death could not escape. The group battled past metallic scarab constructs and weathered a hail of green gauss fire after setting charges and blowing the entrance. They were able to meet up with Cyrus and decided it best to rendezvous with the Inquisitor to handle the situation further.


I’m available Wed-Sat, though I probably work early sunday morning. Also Thursday I’d have to be about 15 minutes late or so.

Session 3: The Logician's Gamble

So far it’s looking like this Friday, at 6pm to start is working for most people.

Session 3: The Logician's Gamble

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