Trials and Tribulations

Session 2: Hiigara

The seed of heresy rests in the minds of reasonable men.

As the group trudged into the town of Hiigara after the attack, they explored the market district for a healer and gather some supplies. The local medic was able to stitched up Scar and Vladimir and spoke a bit about laborers coming and going from the mines with some injuries and that there’s been an increase of workers, but he hasn’t seen anything come out of the mines yet. With the group healed and items bought, they traveled to a local bar to gather information. Krak tried to bully some miners but the group of workers were too interested in drinking to fight. The bartender was handily deceived by Rivers into giving up more information about cloaked figures traveling up the mountain with the laborers, seemingly being the ones in charge of the operation and having the blessings of the local nobility. While walking thru the town’s center the group also discussed their background and how some of them had been called to the Inquisition’s service.

After leaving the town and heading to the mountains they made it half way up the pass as two snipers sprung a trap on the acolytes. After an exchange of gun fire and melee blows the group killed one and then captured the other to interrogate. They learned the hooded figures are part of the Logician tech-cult and a bit of their background. Standing before them now is the entrance to one of the caves, which could hold the answer to all of their questions.



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