Trials and Tribulations

Session 1: Land Fall

Fear not the creatures of the jungle but those that lurk within your mind.

The newly formed band of Acolytes were gathered as the Inquisitor’s ship came out of warp and docked with a space station orbiting the planet Sisk. The Iquisitor explained the situation at hand, involving the local nobility of Sisk concealing reports of a large deposit of metal inside one of their mountain ranges. Normally this is to be reported to the Sub-Sector Governor, but another Acolyte has revealed this information and relayed it to the group, with directions to the mountain range and provided transport to the next town over. The vehicle had broken down mid-way to their destination, unknown if it was accidental or the result of something more nefarious. The group was attacked by a bit of the local wildlife known as Gloomhaunts that attached themselves to the faces of the Acolytes and injured some of them before being fought off. The group continues their walk and come to the outskirts of Hiigara, the last stop before the mountain range.

The group also worked on their background histories and will want to have some information as to how or why the Inquisitor has tapped them to be included in this mission. XP and Money will be given out at the start of the next session so characters can build up.


I’ll be there.

Session 1: Land Fall

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