Trials and Tribulations

Session 0: Character Creation

A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.

This session will focus on creating everyone’s character; going over the details of skills, talents, and the rolling system to pass checks. We will also go over the setting of the universe to get into the mind set of the 41st Millennium where self-sacrifice and faith are valued over self-preservation and critical thinking and where hypocrisy is rampant. I’ll also go over how I think my play style will go and get a general feel for everyone’s opinions of the system to plan for the future.

Before this session I should have out character info and quick-start guides to creation so things will go smoothly. You can either plan out your character to the letter, or there is a system to be completely random and all is determined by dice rolls. I’m sure you guys know to leave your backgrounds a bit open, as I plan on having a session to work together on some histories and connections.


Can’t wait! Will see everybody 1/5/11. Techno-babble…babble…babble.

Session 0: Character Creation

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