Trials and Tribulations

Session 5: End of the Line
Educate men without faith and you but make them clever devils.
Session 4: Debrief and Reassignment
A suspicious mind is a healthy mind.

The Acolytes are debriefed by the Inquisitor about the finding and handling of the Necrons and Logician Cult on Sisk. They need’nt worry about the handling of the situation further. The ship Retribution makes its way to Scintilla, the capital hive world of the Calixis Sector. A body has been reported to the Inquisitor that requires quiet handling and the group is given the details by Medicae-Interrogator Sand. The group was given some tools to help them blend in and were able to find Lili Arbest, the sister of the deceased. This led them to Mr. Zed, a drinking partner of Saul Arbest who was with him the night he disappeared. As darkness fell on the hive, augmented body snatchers attacked the group but were taken out quickly, tho the hive buildings suffered collateral damage in the fire fight. The plan on taking the body of one they knocked out to Interrogator Sand for further review.

The group receives 250xp, which after spending that and all previous would put them at 1000xp (Rank 3) for future reference.

Session 3: The Logician's Gamble
Reason is the cloak of traitors.

The Acolytes were able to report their findings on reaching the top of the mountain to Cyrus before venturing into the caves. They stumbled upon the bodies of workers and Logicians in what seemed to be purposefully crafted chamber, sealed by alien looking doors with complex locks. A wounded Logician explained with his dying breath that they dug too greedily and too deep. They must destroy the caves so that Death could not escape. The group battled past metallic scarab constructs and weathered a hail of green gauss fire after setting charges and blowing the entrance. They were able to meet up with Cyrus and decided it best to rendezvous with the Inquisitor to handle the situation further.

Session 2: Hiigara
The seed of heresy rests in the minds of reasonable men.

As the group trudged into the town of Hiigara after the attack, they explored the market district for a healer and gather some supplies. The local medic was able to stitched up Scar and Vladimir and spoke a bit about laborers coming and going from the mines with some injuries and that there’s been an increase of workers, but he hasn’t seen anything come out of the mines yet. With the group healed and items bought, they traveled to a local bar to gather information. Krak tried to bully some miners but the group of workers were too interested in drinking to fight. The bartender was handily deceived by Rivers into giving up more information about cloaked figures traveling up the mountain with the laborers, seemingly being the ones in charge of the operation and having the blessings of the local nobility. While walking thru the town’s center the group also discussed their background and how some of them had been called to the Inquisition’s service.

After leaving the town and heading to the mountains they made it half way up the pass as two snipers sprung a trap on the acolytes. After an exchange of gun fire and melee blows the group killed one and then captured the other to interrogate. They learned the hooded figures are part of the Logician tech-cult and a bit of their background. Standing before them now is the entrance to one of the caves, which could hold the answer to all of their questions.

Session 1: Land Fall
Fear not the creatures of the jungle but those that lurk within your mind.

The newly formed band of Acolytes were gathered as the Inquisitor’s ship came out of warp and docked with a space station orbiting the planet Sisk. The Iquisitor explained the situation at hand, involving the local nobility of Sisk concealing reports of a large deposit of metal inside one of their mountain ranges. Normally this is to be reported to the Sub-Sector Governor, but another Acolyte has revealed this information and relayed it to the group, with directions to the mountain range and provided transport to the next town over. The vehicle had broken down mid-way to their destination, unknown if it was accidental or the result of something more nefarious. The group was attacked by a bit of the local wildlife known as Gloomhaunts that attached themselves to the faces of the Acolytes and injured some of them before being fought off. The group continues their walk and come to the outskirts of Hiigara, the last stop before the mountain range.

The group also worked on their background histories and will want to have some information as to how or why the Inquisitor has tapped them to be included in this mission. XP and Money will be given out at the start of the next session so characters can build up.

Session 0: Character Creation
A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.

This session will focus on creating everyone’s character; going over the details of skills, talents, and the rolling system to pass checks. We will also go over the setting of the universe to get into the mind set of the 41st Millennium where self-sacrifice and faith are valued over self-preservation and critical thinking and where hypocrisy is rampant. I’ll also go over how I think my play style will go and get a general feel for everyone’s opinions of the system to plan for the future.

Before this session I should have out character info and quick-start guides to creation so things will go smoothly. You can either plan out your character to the letter, or there is a system to be completely random and all is determined by dice rolls. I’m sure you guys know to leave your backgrounds a bit open, as I plan on having a session to work together on some histories and connections.


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